A Work tracker for Open Atrium 2.0 (similar to the Case tracker in Open Atrium 1.0) which allows you to create Tasks in order to collaborate on work.

Work Tracker is designed to fit seamlessly into the way Open Atrium 2.0 works and it’s paradigm for flexibility. For example, Work Tracker has no concept of “projects” - instead it groups Tasks together using Open Atrium Sections, which allows users to define for themselves what a “project” is in a way that best fits their organization.

Suggestions, bug reports and patches are welcome in the issue queue!

Quick start

  • Install OpenAtrium 2.0 (version 2.0-rc1 and later install Work Tracker by default!)
  • Create a new Space
  • Create a new Section inside that space, and select "Tasks Section" under "Section Type" (it's below the body and "Weight" fields).
  • Using the add button in the header (looks like a '+' sign), create a new Task!

See the complete Getting started and Configuration guides for more information!


Additional features can be added to the Work Tracker by enabling extension modules:

  • Work Tracker Open Atrium - Due Date: Adds a "Due date" field to Tasks. (Included with Work Tracker!)

See the complete Extending Work Tracker guide to learn how to create your own extension.

Optionally works with...

  • AJAX Comments: Allows submitting a comment without reloading the page


If you want to install outside of Open Atrium, you'll need to install this modules dependencies as well:

As a shortcut, you can use "drush make" and the oa_worktracker.make file to automatically install the required dependencies:

drush make --no-core oa_worktracker.make

If you have any problems (especially with the 7.x-2.x-dev versions)...

... first try reverting the feature.

You can do this in the admin UI by clicking Structure -> Features -> Open Atrium -> Open Atrium Work Tracker selecting all the checkboxes and clicking the "Revert components" button.

Or you can use drush:

drush features-revert oa_worktracker --yes

Development is sponsored by the Bucket Brigade.

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