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Numeric Field Filter introduces ability to filter numeric fields attached to any entity not only against a constant factor (like it does standard views numeric filter), however also to filter against another numeric field attached to the entity.

Comparing a numeric field against another numeric field, not against a scalar factor

For example: you have a field "Distance to sea" and a field "Distance to the capital". Using this filter you can build up a view that will get you all the entities that are closer to sea than to its capital, i.e. it allows you to build queries like ...WHERE field_distance_sea > field_distance_capital. It supports all basic operators for number comparison like:

  • less than (<)
  • less than or equal to (<=)
  • equal (=)
  • not equal (!=)
  • greater than or equal to (>=)
  • greater than (>)
  • between
  • not between

Comparing a numeric field against an expression based off another numeric field

Apart from its ability to filter against values of another field, it also introduces ability of simple mathematical operations between fields before they are compared. Recalling to our previous example, a slightly more advanced version would be to get all entities that are closer to the sea at least by 1.5 times than to its capital. This kind of filtering is also possible with Numeric Field Filter module. Thus it would build a query like ...WHERE field_distance_sea > 1.5 * field_distance_capital. Right now filter allows you to execute the following operations on the fields before comparing them:

  • summation (+)
  • substraction (-)
  • multiplication (*)
  • division (/)
  • you may specify priority of calculation by using brackets (, )

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