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This module extends notify module to allow content to be selected per user based on Views.

The UID of the user being mailed can be passed as an argument to views, allowing a unique set of nodes to be selected for each recipient. This feature is quite powerful in combination with a bit of argument handling code, as you can transform the argument at-will, based on any characteristic of the user. For example, the initial implementation of this module was used to notify users of all nodes with a 'city' field matching the user's city.

Not surprisingly, this module depends on both Notify and Views.


New features will not be added to this Drupal 5 branch of this module.

A proposed plan for Drupal 6+:

  • Notify_by_views will be rewritten to integrate with Notifications module, for Drupal 6 and
  • Notify module will be rewritten as a simple UI module for Notifications module.
  • A single-download package may be provided that includes Notifications, Notify UI (above), and Notify_by_views, and any other dependencies for easy installation.

Created by Ninjitsu Web Development:

Developer can be hired for customizations, implementation, and other Drupal services.

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