This module adds annotations (captions) for nodes in the context of their inclusion inside subqueues. Each node's annotation is unique to a subqueue, so that a single node can have a different annotation in each subqueue it is included in.

User Matt V. composed this short how-to, copied verbatim here:

It took me a while to find where the annotations get added, so I wanted to document what I figured out, in the hopes that it might save time for someone else. In short, annotations get added through the Add/Remove link on nodes, not through the Nodequeue administration interface…

  1. Click on Content Management > Nodequeue > Add simple queue.
  2. Fill in at least the "Name", "Link 'add to queue' text", and "Link 'remove from queue' text" fields.
  3. Be sure to check a box under the "Types" section to enable at least one content type to be added to the queue.
  4. Click on Content management > Content > List and then click on the title of a content item of the type specified in step #3.
  5. From the View tab for the content item, click on the link you specified for adding to the queue in step #2.
  6. Fill in the "Annotation (optional)" field and click on the "Save" button.

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