This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Node Hierarchy allows nodes to be children of other nodes creating a tree-like hierarchy of content. The module offers:

  • 1-Click creation of hierarchical menus
  • Hierarchical breadcrumbs
  • Automatic hierarchical urls using Pathauto (and token module)
    (eg: q=aboutus/history/beginning).
  • Automatic creation of hierarchical menus if desired.
  • Optional Views integration.
  • Optional Node Access integration.



    This module was originally sponsored and developed by Gorton Studios.

Issue Queue

    In an effort to reduce the stress of maintaining the issue queue, the maintainers of Node Hierarchy will be cleaning house. Issues over one year old have been asked to respond within a few weeks to determine validity and priority. If after an ample amount of time has passed with no response, the issue will be closed due to inactivity.
    We also ask that you consider upgrading to the current recommended release. If after you upgrade and still notice a particular problem with the current version, please feel free to create a new issue.
    When creating an issue, we ask that you provide as much detail as possible. Please use the version, component and category fields appropriately to assist keeping the issue queue progressive. Please use the table below to determine if you should create a ticket:
    6.x-2.1 6.x-1.4 5.x-1.3 7.x-2.x 6.x-3.x 6.x-2.x
    Bug report -
    Feature request - - - -
    Feedback while participating
    in active development/testing
    - - -


    Drupal 7.x

    • 7.x-2.x - Under active development by ronan.

    Drupal 6.x

    • 6.x-2.1 - Recommended release.
    • 6.x-3.x - Under development
    • 6.x-1.4 - Legacy.

    Drupal 5.x

    • This branch is not being actively maintained. The only modifications to this branch will happen if a security issue arises.

Project Information