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Node Quick Find

This is a simple module which provides a block containing an auto-complete field which matches on the node title. This allows you to start typing a node title, it shows a list of possible options, you click one and hit enter and you are taken to the node of your choice.

This is very useful for sites where the user likely already knows the title of the node they'd like to view, such as an API site.

This module currently provides only 1 block - but this block can have its field title and field size configured and can also only select nodes from specified node types. There is also a new feature which, if the Search module is enabled, will do a site search if there is no direct node title match.

This module is currently in use at the demo site, where it is used to easily lookup command for the language Dark Basic Pro.

Similar Modules

There are a number of modules which could be considered duplicate to this. The main one is Autocomplete Node Finder. Autocomplete Node Finder is actually a MUCH more advance module and has many more feature - the best of which is matching on any node's CCK field. the advantage Node Quick find has is that its much smaller and appears to benefit from being able to use the database indexes on the title field.

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