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Examples of Autocomplete Node Finder

This module is deprecated in favor of Finder

Creates blocks to provide autocomplete search on a predefined node/cck field to direct you to the corresponding node.

This is great if your members can mentally identify desired nodes by one field that is unique or rare for each node. A good candidate is node title, or a cck field like a unique 'code' or 'serial number' that the users are aware of. See attached image example.

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Extra Features:

  • Support for CCK field values where the values are specified as a delimited list, e.g. red, maroon, pink, so you can autocomplete on just one of these values.
  • Options given for a simple themeable results page, rather than just directing to the first matched node.
  • Custom processing of submitted search terms, and matched nodes, available through hook function.
  • Custom theme support for autocomplete suggestions (e.g. replace the textual value with a teaser of the node the value came from, etc..).
  • Using taxonomy choices.
  • Drop-select and multiple-select alternative to autocomplete text field.
  • Combine multiple autocomplete node finders into one block.

If you only need to match the beginning of node titles then you will find Node Quick Find a lot more efficient due to SQL indexes.

Drupal 6

Drupal 6 users; please use the Finder module.

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