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The Node Pane module improves the 'existing content' ctools plugin

The node pane module improves the functionality provided by the default ctools node content plugin.

  • New nodes can be added directly into a panel within the modal form.
  • Existing nodes can be selected using a configurable view rather than the default autocomplete.


We have done a short screencast where you can see the module in action:
Node Pane Screencast


There is currently a problem with loading the CSS files when using the node/add forms in the modal of the Ctools content plugin. A patch was created in Drupal.settings.ajaxPageState.css gets overwritten, but unfortunately the patch will be added not until 7.13

If you experience problems with the loading of WYSIWYG editors in the modal, please look into this issue which provides a patch for the WYSIWYG module:
Lazy-load editors

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