Have you ever wanted to include the rendering of node within the content of another node? For example, embedding an Image/Slideshow/Video node within the body of an Article node. Or the embedding of an Author node as a bio block within a blog posting? Node Embed allows you to do that.

Node Embed provides an input filter for CKEditor integration allowing a content editor the ability to embed the rendering of nodes within the body/fields of another node. This uses a View to allow for the browsing/preview/selection of a node to embed and provides a set of template suggestions that allow for the detailed control of node rendering when in embedded mode.

Optional enhancements require:

Basic CKEditor integration:

  • Download and install CKEditor, and the CKEditor library
  • Add the Node Embed button and enable the Node Embed plugin in a CKEditor profile > Editor appearance

See documentation for more details.


The initial development of this module was done as part of the Whitehouse.gov project and was sponsored by The Executive Office of the President.

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