This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module allows administrators to control node access based on permissions. In drupal access control is based on the permissions
granted to a role. However most of the access control modules are based on roles and not permissions.

In the admin interface of this module you are able to dynamically create permissions. You can turn node access control on/off for each node type (default off). When node access control is enabled for a node type, the node form will allow you to choose a permission which is needed to view, edit and delete the node or leave it to default access handling. This allows you to have one uniform access control interface, the drupal permission form.

The advantage of this module compared to other access modules is being able to use drupal's access control system (permissions) and not a custom introduced one. In newer drupal versions permissions are allowed to have descriptions which will even make it easier! For information about the differences between this module and for example Simple Access, Content Access or Node privacy by role have a look here.

Designed by R.Muilwijk of Madcap.

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