Drupal Norge
This translation is now maintained on Drupal.org translation server. Please join the effort there. Use http://drupal.org/project/l10n_update to download translations for your site.

A collaborative project of the norwegian Drupal community Please visit the norwegian localization server for the latest nynorsk language files.

The guidelines on how you can help in the localization of Drupal to norsk nynorsk can be found here. Moreover, we are using Drupal Norge's norwegian localization server for translations/contributions. Our very own localization server can be found at http://lokalisering.drupalnorge.no

Special thanks to users who has contributed by reporting bugs, submitting files and/or been part of the localization decision-making process. Contributors: JohnNoc, Odd-inge, hba, zirvap, hansfn, steinmb, utdanning.no, chriscena, ... (hopefully this list becomes very long soon, with your help)

Local Support and Community

If you need help or want to get involved in this project and/or other norwegian-based drupal projects, please visit the Norwegian website for Drupal at http://drupalnorge.no. Here you will also find the norwegian forums and the 3 norwegian handbooks.

Additional Info

  • This project has been migrated from the deprecated Norwegian Nynorsk (nno) Translation project.


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