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Nimbus is a configuration management tool aimed at extending the configuration import functionality of Drupal core to support the import from multiple concurrent configuration directories for sophisticated configuration deployment workflows using dependency management tools.

Nimbus enhances and replaces the regular configuration synchronization process and the "drush config-import" command.

Example Usage

If you're working with multiple websites using a shared codebase that only differ slightly in configuration (site name, email address, various API keys etc.), nimbus enables you to keep most of your site configuration as part of the shared codebase and only have truly site-specific configuration files in your site-specific repository. Alternatively, you can have site-specific configuration files override shared configuration files. Additionally, it makes it possible to keep your configuration in your module and profile repositories, if you so choose.

So you might have the following configuration directory set-up in your settings.php:

// Nimbus config override settings.
global $_nimbus_config_override_directories;
$_nimbus_config_override_directories = [
  '../config/shared',     // Global drupal configuration directory.
  '../config/override',   // Project specific drupal configuration directory.
  '../config/local',      // Local configuration directory.
  '../config/export',     // Configuration export directory.

When running a configuration synchronization or the "drush config-import" command, configuration files will be imported in the following order:

1. Configuration files in any module's /config/install directory
2. Configuration files in the used install profile's /config/install directory
3. Configuration files in the configured CONFIG_SYNC_DIRECTORY
4. Configuration files in the configured nimbus configuration directories, in specified order.

Each configuration file will override its possibly previously found configuration files of the same name higher up the chain.

Configuration export via the "drush config-export" command will export the whole site configuration into the last/lowest specified configuration directory.


As reported in this issue, Nimbus currently does not create .htaccess files for every override folder. This could lead to potential security issues, since the .htaccess file is not created, the folder is not protected and these files are available to download if included inside the docroot. Please make sure your override directories are outside of the publicly available docroot.

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