This module adds ability to create role-specific registration pages.

Example of situation when this module could help you:

You need to create two user registration pages. One for general users and one, let's say, for hosters.
You need to add several specific fields for hoster registration page and these fields should not be available on general user registration page.
Furthermore, if you need some hosters fields only on user edit page, without showing these fields on registration page, this module could help you too.


  • Once Multiple Registration module is installed, you need to navigate to Roles page (admin/people/permissions/roles). There you are able to add own registration page to each role (don't forget to create user roles, first of all, because for standard drupal roles this feature is not available). What are you need for add new registration page - it's just type a path for this page.
  • After that, you can see all your pages on admin/config/people/multiple_registration.
  • And finally, navigate to the needed field settings form for account. You are able to select for which registration pages this field is need.

Handy tutorial (review) was prepared by Hans Riemenschneider and can be reviewed here: Multiple Registration tutorial


This module is compatible with Field Group

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