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Multi Submit snapshot guide

This is perhaps quite a niche module, it's a node cloning helper - hopefully someone will find it useful... It allows an admin to select;

  • A CCK field which has more than one "Number of values" set for use
  • A single entry CCK field which the module will populate with the multiple entry field set above

When a node is created, the selected single entry field is hidden and the entire node is cloned for as many entries there are in the multiple entry field. The multiple entry field is not saved with the cloned nodes, rather the single entry field is populated with each field entry in turn.

Likewise, when a node is edited the multiple entry field is hidden and the single entry field can be altered as normal.

Add the ability to use node title for the single entry manipulated field, in the meantime use perhaps the Automatic Nodetitles module.

This module is sponsored by Red Bee Media.

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