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Mucho Menus is an implementation of the "mega menus" web trend that has gained popularity in recent years and months.

Setup demonstration video
Watch this YouTube screencast, "Setting Up Mega Menus in Drupal using Mucho Menu" for a demo of how to set up Mucho Menus on your website:

More about this module...

This module allows users to create mega menus that have mini panels as their flyout content. The benefit is that ANY type of content or UI can be added to the menu flyouts.

The module has panels_mini as a dependency. It could be extended in the future to allow other types of panels, but mini panels were the most logical choice.

Additional extensibility options could be jquery/js triggers and events on show/hide of the menus, so that a video could automatically be started, for example, when a menu flyout appears.

A demo of the module in its current state can be found at This website features the first public implementation of this module. Also attached are several screenshots of the module in action, both the end-user experience and the administrative interface.

Also attached is an updated revision of the code with several new features, and a bunch of bug fixes.

The code for this module was originally based on forked copies of the "megamenu" module and the "imagemenu" module. I pulled functionality from both and combined the relevant portions into this new module. The new module includes 2 database tables that are significantly reworked from the data structures of either of the original modules. The purpose of using the original modules was to borrow UI features and a few api functions that didn't need to be written from scratch.

Other notable features:

  • Top-level links can be disabled so that users are required to use the flyouts for navigation
  • Links can be configured to open in a new window
  • 2 jQuery animations are enabled for show/hide of flyouts: fading and sliding.
  • Menus can be skinned with a custom css file, the path of which can be set using the admin tools

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