More buttons variants

The More node buttons module allow to add an "Cancel", an "Save and continue" and an "Save and create new" button to node edit forms.
Furthermore, can be used a "Create new" tab.


  • The additional buttons and the tab can be activated per content type.
  • The additional buttons and the tab can be activated individually.
  • The Cancel button can used with a referer redirection. This feature allows the redirection to the page was started the action to create or edit a node if this action is canceled. This is configurable per content type.
  • There are various possible positions of the additional buttons.
  • The values of the additonal buttons and the name of the tab are editable.
  • The additional buttons and the tab can directly managed by the content types or with a central interface.


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Version 6

Please read the notes.

Version 7

The version 6 is not developed to the version 7. In Drupal 7, the More Buttons module represent the evolution of the More node buttons module.

Usage example

The module Galley Assist is a good example for the usage of More node buttons.
At the initial creation of a gallery, it is necessary to save the node before it can be insert images. This is a "two steps" process - technically and visually. With the button Save and continue can the first time creation of a gallery reduced to a "one step" process - visually.

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