Moodle Connector is a module that aims to provide a common interface to modules that integrate Drupal with Moodle.

Looking for a Drupal 8 port? See #2855006: [moodle_connector] Moodle Connector

Note: This module does not provide any end user features on its own. You should only install it if another module requires it.


  • Moodle 2.x


Version 1 of this module consists of:

  • A screen that allows administrators to set the Moodle database settings.
  • API function to connect to a Moodle database


The following modules use Moodle Connector:


If you use the Administration user interface to set the database settings, they will be stored in the Drupal database as plain text. If you don't want that, set these variables in your settings.php file.

Project Information