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Moderation - node queue

The moderation module provides a queue of content.

It allows moderators to review all posted content while already published.
Included Ajax based functionality allows the moderators to preview the content and to change status like published, moderated, promoted, sticky without having to leave the page.
A seperate page provides a log, listing all status changes with who and when it was changed.

Drupal 7 release

Complete rewrite of the Drupal 6 moderation module on entity base. It is now possible to add queues by entity type and to define custom actions for every entity.
Note: Upgradepath is available, but needs some extra configuration, please read the README.txt and the UPGRADE.txt carefully!

Drupal 6 release

Node and comment queue available. This branch only get's maintenance fixes.

This project was developed by erdfisch for ZEIT Online.

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