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Now for D7 too! This is a very simple module that takes the link text of each drupal menu item and adds it as a css class name to the menu's <li> element. Using these class names, each menu item can be styled separately with css. This is also very useful for css sprite techniques.

There are no admin settings for this module, it starts doing its work once the module is enabled. All caches are automatically cleared at this time also. This module works with menus in blocks (including Primary Links) and menus in themes (menus that are enabled from the theme's configuration page).

New for 6.x-1.3

I've finally had some time to address some of the issues in the queue and add a couple of minor features to this module:
- now works with nice_menus (tested with version 6.x-2.1)
- reduces multiple hyphens to a single hyphen; removes leading or trailing hyphens
- now adds class name to local task menus (tabs)

CSS Names

As promised, I've created a new module called CSS Names that collects together Menu CSS Names and a few other useful theming modules. These modules are similar to Menu CSS Names, in that they add additional class names to a particular HTML element, making it possible to target with css. Menu CSS Names will continue to be available as a standalone module, and as I make changes to it, I'll put them into CSS Names, too.


Tested with the following:
- Nice Menus (6.x-2.1)
- Special Menu Items (6.x-1.5)
- DHTML Menu (6.x-3.5 / 7.x-1.0-beta1)
- Zen theme

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