This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

D7: proper port available now. Do not use the previous version any longer as it was, can't say it any other way, a really bad port!

This module allows you to clone entire menus, much like Node clone does with nodes.

Next to the basic menu properties such as Menu name, Title and Description, the clone form allows you to customise the menu itself before cloning it.

The optional Internationalization (i18n) module together with the i18n submodule Menu translation will activate the Change language option. This select box allows you to change the language of all menu items during the cloning process.

In Edit menu you can customise the menu tree before cloning it. Next to the Enabled and Expanded checkboxes, the menu tree can be rearranged as well.
Everything under the Ignore row will not be copied over to the new menu. It does not matter on what depth the Ignore row resides, everything below it will simply be ignored.

D7: This module is still in beta and is a complete rewrite of the original port. It is never recommended to use beta versions on a production environment. Please keep a backup of your database to avoid problems later on.

Please report bugs in the issue cue. This will allow for a stable release of the current feature set.

Note: #769470: Clone menu gives an empty meny with 393 entries ..

Sponsored in part by Nascom

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