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The Mentions module offers Twitter like functionality, recording all references to a user's username - using the [@username] or [@#uid] filter format - from various locations, providing a centralized page to track all mentions (via the Views module).



  • Tracks Mentions on any Entity.
  • An Input filter to convert [@username] or [@#uid] to the user's profile, e.g., [@deciphered] and [@#103796] become @deciphered.
  • Customizable input ([@username], [@#uid]) and output (@username) patterns, including support for Tokens.
  • Autocompletion of mentions; Using the jQuery textcomplete library usernames will be suggested while mentioning.
  • Integrations with:
    • Machine name - Use a Machine name field as the mention source.
    • Rules - React to created, updated and deleted mentions.
    • Views - Display a list of all mentions, mentions by user, and more.


Recommended Modules


jQuery textcomplete - Autocompletion of mentions

The jQuery textcomplete library adds autocompletion of mentions, to install it follow these steps:

  1. (optional) Download and install the Libraries API module.
  2. Download the jQuery textcomplete library and extract and move it into your libraries folder as 'textcomplete' (eg. sites/all/libraries/textcomplete).

Alternatively, you can use the Drush command 'mentions-library' or the Drush make entry provided below:

libraries[textcomplete][download][type] = get
libraries[textcomplete][download][url] =



Once installed, the Mentions filter needs to be enabled on your desired Text formats, this can be done via the Text formats page.

Customisation settings for input and output patterns are available via the Mentions configuration form:


Supporting organizations: 
D7 development & Autocompletion functionality.

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