The Membership Entity module has been designed from the ground up to be a dedicated, versatile, and extensible solution to the demand for a Drupal-based membership website.


  • Memberships may be tracked and manipulated independently of the Drupal user account.
  • Memberships are fieldable by type, allowing a great deal of customization for meeting your organization’s structure.
  • Membership terms are tracked making it possible to keep a historical record of joins, renewals, lapses, etc.
  • Modifiers can be added to a term (eg. +1 month) as a reward or other promotion.
  • The approach has been to be stay as generalized as possible, while still being full featured, in order to handle a variety of differing use cases and customer needs. Where assumptions cannot be avoided the pluggable nature of the Drupal hooks system facilitates overriding functionality to meet your needs.

Required modules

Included Modules

  • Membership Entity - Core membership features. Includes a single membership type.
  • Membership Entity Types - Allows the creation of multiple membership types.
  • Membership Entity Terms - Creates time based membership terms and activates/expires membership automatically.


  • Download and install Membership Entity and required modules
  • Create roles that will be assigned to primary and secondary members
  • Configure membership types and settings at /admin/structure/memberships

Design Decisions

This module does not create any roles upon installation. This requires site
administrators to create roles that will be used for active memberships. Active roles may be set on per membership type basis.

The “Membership Entity Terms” submodule is separated for design reasons but realistically will need to be enabled on most membership sites. You only need to enable the "Membership Entity Types" submodule If you need more than one type of members (eg. Full membership, Trial membership etc).


The following items need to be completed for a full version release.

  • Documentation

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