This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides a home-grown flash media player for video and audio playback. It's written in OpenLaszlo to make modifications relatively easy for developers and requires no flash IDE. It plans to provide an extensive API for custom administrative modifications as well.

Calls made as follows:

theme('media_player_player', $file, $options = array(), $params = array(), $player = NULL) ;

 *  Display a file embedded in a media player.
 *  @param $file
 *    The path to the media to play.
 *  @param $options
 *    An array of options to pass to the player:
 *    'absolute' => TRUE or FALSE. If TRUE, this is used when building URL's (useful for embedding externally).
 *    'autoplay' => TRUE or FALSE
 *    'width' => The width of the player
 *    'height' => The height of the player
 *    'bgcolor' => The background color of the player, such as 'red', 'black', or a Hex value.
 *    'display_logo' => TRUE or FALSE
 *    'logo' => The path to an icon to display
 *    'logo_x' => The x coordinate to display the logo
 *    'logo_y' => The y coordinate to display the logo
 *    'display_splash' => TRUE or FALSE
 *    'splash' => The path to an image to display before playing the media
 *    'splash_x' => The x coordinate to display the splash
 *    'splash_y' => The y coordinate to display the splash
 *  @param $params
 *    An array of parameters to pass to the flash
 *    'quality' => The quality of the flash, such as 'high'
 *    'scale' => Whether to allow the flash to scale, such as 'noscale' or 'scale'
 *  @param $player
 *    If NULL, then this will route to the default player.
 *    Otherwise, it will route to the specified player, from one of the following:
 *      'media_player' => The included flash media player, created specifically for Drupal using OpenLaszlo.
 *      'jw_player' => JW Media Player.
 *      'wimpy' => Wimpy Media Player.

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