Matrix Logo is "an open standard for decentralized persistent communication". This module is being developed to connect Drupal sites to Matrix chat rooms. It is in its very early stages (not yet functional) but a wide range of functionality is on the roadmap to develop.

If you are a Matrix user and interested in working with us, please get in touch!


  1. Basic message posting API -- post an event to a Matrix room Done
  2. Basic state posting API -- post a State event to a Matrix room Done
  3. Rules Integration -- send events to Matrix from Rules Done
  4. Authentication Token generation -- Generate a token from a username/pw Done
  5. Embedded Chat -- embed a Matrix chat room in a web page, using matrix-react-sdk
  6. Authentication Provider -- provide some sort of single-sign-on facility to allow a private Matrix homeserver to accept a Drupal login, and auto-provision account
  7. Application Service -- create an endpoint in Drupal that receives Matrix events
  8. Matrix HS management -- Create a Matrix Application Service that can manage rooms, users from a Drupal module

Project information