This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The MASt module provides Mobile App Services, with a focus on content creation from a mobile app.

MASt provides endpoints via the Services module that describe your content types so that any remote application (e.g., a mobile app) could retrieve enough information to construct a content form.

At the moment, this only has an implementation for node entities, but the API is generic enough to work with all fields and even arbitrary elements that you wish to expose. The intention is to make this as generic and pluggable as possible so that you can easily customize the endpoints in a consistent way.

Main features

  1. Provide a UI to MASt-enable a content type. This is done by form altering the node_TYPE_form and adding a checkbox to the vertical tabs at the bottom. This can be added to other entity forms by replicating the submit handler.
  2. Provide a default endpoint and resource to expose field data for a MASt-enabled content type, for example:


Installing MASt module via drush enable will fail due to a naming issue with OAuth module. You will need to download the OAuth module (not OAuth Common as specified in the error message) before you can install MASt module via Drush.

This module is currently being developed against the latest stable releases of Services and OAuth, Services 7.x-3.3 and OAuth 7.x-3.0. There are minor API changes in the Services module that will, at the least, break the included tests if run against earlier 7.x-3.x Services.

If you are running on PHP using FastCGI, such as on Acquia Cloud, you need to tweak your webserver configuration so that the content of the Authorization header is accessible to the OAuth code. The easiest way to do this is to patch .htaccess. See issue which has this patch:

The Drupal Gardens iPhone app is available for free in the App Store and will work with any Drupal 7 site with the MASt module. Documentation for site administrators (specifically for Drupal Gardens sites, although applicable to other Drupal sites as well) is available at

Check the README file for further details

Mobile-friendly login page

The MASt module provides a mobile-friendly login page that can be used as an alternative to user/login in case your site's theme is not mobile-friendly.

In order for this page to be used as the login page during the OAuth authentication process, you need to have either the latest development version of OAuth module, or version 3.0 with the patch from:

This makes the OAuth login path configurable using the oauth_common_login_path variable. On installation, MASt module will automatically set this variable to 'mast/login', as long as it has not been explicitly set already. This can be disabled from the MASt settings page.

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