This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The Mailout module is an e-mail marketing and communication tool. You can start sending emails straight away, or you can spend some time to set up mailing lists and templates for a completely branded solution.

Mailout will not be ported to Drupal 6 due to lack of value over SimpleNews. Please feel free discuss, especially if you used Mailout after trying SimpleNews.

The module was developed as a single solution for all of our clients who are Drupal users with a range of skill-sets. Whenever there is a need for "Newsletters", "Bulk email", "Mailing lists", "Branded emails", etc, then Mailout is worth a look.

While the features list is long, you should know that you can start sending emails immediately - no setup required.


Mailing lists

  • Create mailing lists
  • Set mailing lists as public or private
  • Paste emails from gmail and save to a mailing list
  • Upload a CSV or tab-delimited list of emails (you can specify which columns contain the name and email address)
  • Edit subscription settings for an email address
  • Manage a global opt-out list


  • Create fully branded email templates
  • Verified compatible with WYSIWYG HTMLBox
  • Set default subject, from address and more
  • Upload and associate files with templates, which will later be attached to mailouts

Subscriptions, tracking and privacy

  • Users can prefer Plain text emails
  • E-mails are sent with a subscription link for managing subscriptions to public lists and global optout
  • Subscription links work for anonymous users
  • E-mails opened as full HTML are tracked as having been opened
  • Emailing

    • Administrator can choose an existing template, or simple send an untemplated email
    • In any case, when sending an email, the email can be modified before sending.
    • Trigger an mailout test to any address prior to sending - sends a plain and a HTML email
    • Choose recipients from mailing lists, roles, organic grousp, or just type or paste in some addresses.
    • Schedule the mailout for a later date

    Queue management

    • E-mails sent in batches to avoid timeout
    • Administrator can process queues manually, or leave it to cron
    • Queue shows email sent/opened information
    • Queue is searchable
    • Editing a subscriber (fixing an email address) can optionally modify unsent emails in the queue

    Current release progress

    RC1 has just been released. This should be stable, the main known issue is errors in multisite setups. It is feasible that some of the open feature requests in the queue will be added before another RC - however all the architecture is complete, so further changes will only be UI/tool improvements.


    This module is sponsored by Em Space. Please browse and post issues or requests in the Mailout issues queue.

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