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This module provides integration with the Mailjet email service. It provide a simple Mail Plugin which permit to send emails with a request http on the Mailjet API webservice.

The module uses Mailjet Official SDK for sending emails with the send API v3.1.

This is not an official module sponsored by Mailjet. If you are looking for a complete integration with Mailjet service, please checkout the official module page.

Why this module ?

Where as I was looking for sending emails with the Mailjet Send API v3.1, unfortunatly the official module doesn't provide such feature and is more centered about all the services provided by MailJet (Campaign, Contact, etc.). I was looking for a simple integration of the Mail Manager service with the Mailjet API.


You need a Mailjet account for using this module.


Install the module with composer. This will download automatically the required dependencies.
composer require drupal/mailjet_api ^1.0


  • Configure your public and secret API key in the module administration settings form.
  • Enable the few options availables as you need (cron, use theme key, sandbox mode, embed image, etc).
  • Configure Mail system module to use the Mailjet API Mailer to format and/or send emails. You can configure Mail System globally or for a specific module / key.
  • Test your intégration with the testing form.

Cf. screenshots.

Use case

This module could play nice with local solutions managing newsletters and subscriptions as the simplenews module, but if you wanted to use a webservice to send emails. It could be use too for any transactional email, or any email sent by your Drupal 8 site.

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