Mail Login: Configurations Page
Mail Login: Login Page

This module enables users to login by email address with the minimal configurations.
For configuring mail login go to "/admin/config/people/accounts/mail-login".
Available configurations:

  • Enable login by email address: This option enables login by email address.
  • Override login form: This option allows you to override the login form username title/description.
  • Login form username title: Override the username field title.
  • Login form username description: Override the username field description.

8.x - Install with Composer

We recommend using Composer to download Mail Login module.

composer require 'drupal/mail_login:^1.0';

Sponsored and developed by:

Sprintive Drupal Provider in Jordan


Install as usual, see Installing Drupal 8 Modules for further information.


Please post bug reports, feature requests and support requests to the Mail Login module issue queue. In doing so, complying with the Issue creation guidelines will speed up things for all parties involved.


Credit goes to all the maintainers for building, maintaining and supporting the module.


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