Keep Frontend DRY; sprinkle it with Magic
(we demand to be taken seriously)

All Drupal sites need some magic, so give yours some! Magic is a set of tools for front-end best practices and general front-end goodies to make your life as a front-end developer happier. Features include:

  • Enhancements to CSS Aggregation
  • Exclude CSS files from being included
  • Move JavaScript to the footer
  • Backport of Drupal 8 JavaScript handling
  • Exclude JS files from being included
  • Rebuild Theme Registry on Page Reload
  • Display a Viewport Width indicator
  • Display an indicator with classes applied to the HTML. Useful when used in conjunction with Modernizr
  • Export theme settings

All of these are set on a per-theme basis and exportable on a per-theme basis, meaning they can be used with any Drupal theme.

Great Themes Designed with Magic In Mind

IRC Help

Help can also be found on freenode at #drupal-magic.

2.0 Upgrade

Magic 2.0 should work as a standard drop-in upgrade, but always test first to ensure your site is properly working. If there are settings issues, please re-save your theme settings page, which should take care of any issues at hand. Also, clearing caches (cache_magic) is always recommended with an upgrade of Magic.

Good luck, have fun!

GOB Magic

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