Macro module is now no longer packaged with devel.

This is basically the same version as what devel had except for a few new UI additions and a bug fix for proper Drupal 6 forms api integration.

Macro module is a simple solution to recording and replaying form submissions that occur in a Drupal site. This is useful for saving configuration changes that occur and importing them on other sites as needed. This can also be used for saving a set of form submissions which together could be packaged as a "feature" that can be later imported to other Drupal sites.


  • Start a macro recording session
  • Export macros
  • Import macros
  • new - Export an individual macro
  • new - Display import / export buttons on forms for easier macros.

New development sponsored by: Warner Brother Records

Port to DR7: The module is currently being ported to DR7. Please be patient...

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