This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Macro module is now no longer packaged with devel.

This is basically the same version as what devel had except for a few new UI additions and a bug fix for proper Drupal 6 forms api integration.

Macro module is a simple solution to recording and replaying form submissions that occur in a Drupal site. This is useful for saving configuration changes that occur and importing them on other sites as needed. This can also be used for saving a set of form submissions which together could be packaged as a "feature" that can be later imported to other Drupal sites.


  • Start a macro recording session
  • Export macros
  • Import macros
  • new - Export an individual macro
  • new - Display import / export buttons on forms for easier macros.

New development sponsored by: Warner Brother Records

Port to DR7: The module is currently being ported to DR7. Please be patient...

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