The LoginToboggan module offers several modifications of the Drupal login system in an external module by offering the following features and usability improvements:

  1. Allow users to login using either their username OR their e-mail address.
  2. Allow users to login immediately.
  3. Provide a login form on Access Denied pages for non-logged-in (anonymous) users.
  4. The module provides two login block options: One uses JavaScript to display the form within the block immediately upon clicking "log in". The other brings the user to a separate page, but returns the user to their original page upon login.
  5. Customize the registration form with two e-mail fields to ensure accuracy.
  6. Optionally redirect the user to a specific page when using the 'immediate login' feature.
  7. Optionally redirect the user to a specific page upon validation of their e-mail address.
  8. Optionally display a user message indicating a successful login.
  9. Optionally combine both the login and registration form on one page.
  10. Optionally have unvalidated users purged from the system at a pre-defined interval (please read the CAVEATS section of INSTALL.txt for important information on configuring this feature!).
  11. Integrates with Rules module to do various tasks when a user validates via email validation process (see for an example)

Recommended versions

The Drupal core 7.35/6.35 update had an API change that broke LoginToboggan compatibility.
Sites running Drupal 7.35 or greater should update to the LoginToboggan 7.x-1.5 immediately.
Sites running Drupal 6.35 or greater should update to the LoginToboggan 6.x-1.11 immediately.


Primarily, we are focused on getting all currently critical or RTBC issues reviewed, triaged, and committed, see #2481487: LoginToboggan 7.x-1.6 Release Roadmap.

Maintainer commitment

Following is important information about how this module is maintained

  • Support requests will only be responded to if they deal with the development of the module, or possibly its use with another module. End users should consult the forums or IRC chat rooms or hire a consultant for support.
  • I'm committed to fixing bugs that I can reproduce on my local installation, using only a clean Drupal core install and the module. I will not spend time investigating problems caused by another contributed module.
  • I'm committed to providing new releases when
    1. A security hole has been discovered and fixed
    2. A critical bug has been discovered and fixed
    3. Enough non-critical bugs have been fixed to reasonably warrant a release
  • I'm committed to having a stable release for all officially supported versions of Drupal.
  • Feature requests will generally not be responded to, unless either
    1. A well-conceived and tested patch is provided, in my judgement the feature makes sense to add to the module, and won't create a lot of maintenance overhead.
    2. Sponsorship/funding for the feature is provided

Sponsors & Developers

Created by Chad Phillips
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