Login one time provides the ability to email one-time login links to users.


  • Rules:
    - [user:login-one-time] token on user events.
    - [comment:login-one-time] token for node author of comment events.
  • User profile - "Send login one time link" button.
  • Views Bulk Operations - Create a view and send login links to the view. Check the View Reference project page for some ideas on how to embed views.
  • Block - Select a user and send the link. You can use this block in nodes as a CCK field using Block Reference.
  • PHP - Print a button in a template or directly send the emails using the functions described in the README.


The module's config allows changing of the paths that users land on, link expiry duration and more.

You can use String Overrides to modify the name in the UI and messages shown by this module.


Maintained by Maedi who is also available for paid customisations and larger Drupal work.

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