This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Token Authentication provides a token for use in the URL to authenticate users to your site. It only works on paths configured in the settings page.

Originally this module was intended to offer simple authentication for RSS feeds to allow feed readers to pull customized content listings. You can now use it to provide a simple browsing experience of any Drupal content.

Be careful with what paths you expose to Token Authentication, as it is effectively a very simple, very low security password mechanism. You can expose Administration pages through bad configuration.

Module Integrations

  • Has a Context for whether or not the user used Token Authentication. Only compatible with the 3.x line, and requires Context 3.0-beta6 or newer.
  • Has Drush commands to reset the token of a user, or all users.
  • Has a Token for the tokenauth token. (For building custom UI's, not URL magic.)
  • Has URL Alter integration. If you use Token Authentication to view a page, all outgoing links to pages Token Authentication covers will already carry the token.
  • Has Features compatibility via Strongarm.

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