This module provides a "Log" entity type, for use in record keeping.

Logs are used to record events in the past or future, and track whether or not they have occurred. The log entity's base properties are:

  • name - A short description of the event
  • type - Log entity bundle
  • timestamp - When the logged event takes place
  • uid - User that created the log
  • created - When the log entity was created
  • changed - When the log entity was last modified
  • done - Whether or not the event occurred

Site builders can define their own log types (entity bundles) with different fields on each.

Views integration is provided by Entity API, so you can build Views of logs.

Various actions are available for use with Views Bulk Operations, including:

  • Mark logs as "done"
  • Mark logs as "not done"
  • Clone logs
  • Reschedule logs

An input filter is provided for use in text formats so that you can reference logs directly in content, like this: [log:15] - which is automatically converted to a link to the log (similar to referencing issue nodes in

The log entity is used extensively in farmOS - a Drupal distribution for agricultural record keeping.

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