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farmOS is a Drupal distribution for managing an operating farm. It includes modules and configuration for managing areas, plantings, animals, and equipment. It can also be extended via add-on modules. farmOS is currently under active development.


More description is available in the Github repository

Google Maps API Key: Google Maps recently began requiring an API key. If you are installing farmOS, you will need to get an API key and enter it into farmOS. There are instructions for doing so here:


farmOS 1.0 (Drupal 7): #2537404: [META] farmOS 7.x-1.0

farmOS 2.x (Drupal 8): #2361735: [META] Drupal 8 / farmOS 8.x-2.x

For the full list of open tasks, feature requests, bug reports, etc: farmOS issue queues


The farmOS distribution comes pre-packed with a number of contrib modules, as well as the following farmOS-specific modules. Each module has its own issue queue.

Farm Access
Farm Admin
Farm Area
Farm Asset
Farm Crop
Farm Equipment
Farm Fields
Farm Livestock
Farm Log
Farm Map
Farm MapKnitter
Farm Quantity
Farm Sensor
Farm Soil
Farm Taxonomy
Farm Tour

Farm Theme

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