the location chooser selection box

Location chooser allows users to choose a location for a new node from a set of existing locations in other nodes. For example, if you have a content type for "facilities" and you add a new "event," the event's creator could be allowed to choose one of the existing facilities as the location of the event. Locations may be chosen from any of the following:

  • a site default location, set by administrators on the location chooser module's settings page
  • any content types selected by administrators as location sources
  • the user's location
  • a custom location set by the user for the individual node

Issues / Caveats

  1. This module essentially treats locations separately from the nodes and users to which they are attached, in order to allow site editors to re-use those locations in the creation of other content. Such a workflow has some security implications that could be considered a deviation from standard Drupal practices; for example, a person editing an event created by another user would be able to see whatever location that other user had chosen for the event, regardless of display options, permissions, or rules provided by node access modules. If you're using this module, that is probably the behavior that you want; but if it isn't, be aware that you will have to set up the permissions very carefully to keep source locations secret from your content editors.
  2. This module is only tested to work with the old-style location_node and location_user modules. It will probably not work with location_cck implementations.
  3. This module will not work with multiple locations on a single node.
  4. While there are options to display the location fieldset differently (hidden, or in a vertical tab), it is currently not possible to position the location chooser field differently from the location fieldset for a content type; the location chooser dropdown will be a standard node field with the same weight as the location fieldset.
  5. While this module is fairly well tested within the above parameters, it does some pretty complicated things when set to "Keep locations linked if source changes". Therefore, if there is a bug that I don't know about with that setting, it could easily create some pretty big problems for the locations that are in your database. Fair warning.


  • Location Chooser 6.x-1.x and 7.x-1.x will work with the Location 3.x branch appropriate for the version of Drupal you are using.
  • When Location 4.x comes out for Drupal 7, I intend to evaluate the possibility of creating a 2.x branch for Location Chooser.
  • The 6.x branch of location chooser will be maintained only for security and backports.

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