LiveReload is a Desktop app + Safari/Chrome/Firefox extension that:

  1. Applies CSS and JavaScript file changes without reloading a page.
  2. Automatically reloads a page when any other file changes (html, image, server-side script, etc).

Current Functionality

1. LiveReload adds livereloads livereload.js to your page. Make sure you have the latest version of livereload in order to make this work. This will make the browserextention obsolte and adds livereload functuallity to iOS devices.
2. You can make LiveReload look for <link> tags; Drupal 7 uses <style> tags with @import statements.
This module uses hook_css_alter() to override that behavior.

Livereload should only be used in development.

Credits 7.x-1.x

Credit for the initial code goes to Annertech, the 7.x-1.x branch was sponsored by Zivtech and developed by tim.plunkett.

Project Information