This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Listhandler is a module that marries mailing list discussions and Drupal forums.

Working together with the Mailhandler module your Drupal site will monitor a mailbox for incoming email and post that to a specified forum. Any posts to the forum will conversely be posted to the mailing list.

Before submitting a bug, please check all open issues.

Related modules

The E-mail Input Filter module has been specifically written to provide a web friendly look to email mark-up.

Current Status

The 6.x-1.1 version is only a single commit since the 1.0 release, a commit that addresses a previous security concern with this module. If you are using the 1.0, please update!

The current -dev version includes a number of other bugfixes and enhancements from the previous developer.

As the current maintainer, my intentions are to get a 6x release that is stable and addresses any critical bugs, and also to begin work on a version for 7x that works with the latest version of mailhandler. That will begin after I'm confident in the 6x version, which the majority of people are currently using, so is taking priority for now.

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