This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Note: As of 2009/07/25, this module appears to no longer be supported. If you are interested in taking this module over, or you as the module maintainer feel this message has been posted in error, please reply to #148904: Liquid Wiki Engine Project is abandoned.

The Liquid Wiki Engine Project aims to build a module providing wiki functionality to Drupal.

Important: Please download the current development release (HEAD). Some important changes has been applied.

Note: The 4.7 branch is no longer being developed. It contains heaps of bugs and should not be used. Please don't submit issue-requests on this version.

Upgrading: Liquid 0.2 (5.x-0.x) is not backward compatible with Liquid 0.1 (the heavily patched 4.7.x-0.x version). Thus, upgrading can cause a nightmare of problems. One thing to note is that the wikipage module has been removed. You must therefore add a new content type (Administer -> Content management -> Content types-> Add content type) with id "wikipage" in order for your site to work. There are also other problems since the database isn't backward compatible. Be sure to uninstall the old version of liquid before upgrading to the new version. You might want to check that the install scripts doesn't remove the wiki_name and wiki_moveref tables before uninstalling. However, make sure that the wiki_access table is dropped ( if not, do it manually before reinstalling). If you have set the access level of some of your pages to "protected" or "none" these settings will have to be reset after the upgrade. Finally, remember to check the "view wiki content" permission for all roles you would like to access wiki content (this applies only if you use the wiki_access module). Since I have not attempted to upgrade myself, I cannot promise that this is all, but it should get you started.

A note on upgrading: Basically, upgrading isn't supported. If you attempt to upgrade you are pretty much on your own. I'm sorry to say this, but I don't have time to help people poke around in the database. Try to talk to others who have done a successful upgrade. As a last resort, if no one's able to help, I may be able to help on a pay per hour basis. But try to fix it on your own, please!

Posting issues: I don't have very much time to use on Liquid and would like to use it on development rather than support. Therefore I beg you to do your research thoroughly before submitting a bug report. There are several new features in Liquid 0.2 that makes it behave differently from 0.1 so be sure to check that the problem isn't caused by incorrect setup (most bug reports so far has). Try not to write a two-liner when reporting a bug. In most cases that information will not be enough for me to find out whats wrong and will require me to do a lot of guesswork and research on my own. Try to save my time so that I can use it on developing Liquid even further.

When posting issues, please include the following information:

* A VERY detailed description on how you triggered the error and a full error message. My mother should be able to reproduce the error!
* When reporting access problems, be sure to distinguish between authenticated users and user 0.
* Which Liquid modules are you using?
* Which Liquid module causes the problem? Try to disable the liquid modules (not base) one by one to see if the error disappears.
* Are you getting this error on an upgraded or clean install?

If you get your errors on an upgraded site, please try to reproduce the error on a clean install. If everything runs fine on the clean install, you probably have a problem with your upgrade (see note on upgrading). If you post an issue not stating that you've been able to produce the error on a clean install, there's a risk that the issue will be overlooked.

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