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Link Intelligence (LI) provides multiple methods to facilitate automated and manual linking of related web page content. It is designed with easy plug-and-play defaults for simple install and forget auto-linking, yet is highly configurable to enable advanced linking strategies.

It supports both standard styles of related content linking; transforming keywords in node content into links (content linking) and/or adding links to sidebar lists (displayed via CCK and/or Views). It can generate either style of link automatically or provide suggestions for content authors to quickly find and embed links to relevant content themselves.

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Example use-cases

Wiki / glossary - LI can auto link in-content keywords to definitions, wiki pages or other keyword related content.

Related content – LI builds sidebar style links to related content. You can either auto populate the list of links or use the suggestions search and add link feature to quickly and easily build your own list.

Search engine optimization (SEO) - LI can interlink content with a blend of in content and sidebar links to re-enforce important keywords on your website.

How it works

LI uses the concept of link requests as an intermediary to enable highly flexible linking strategies. The advantage of this approach is that requests can be automatically synced for simple install and forget functionality or manually configured for advanced control.

A link request is an entity that associates a desired keyword phrase and other link parameters with a node or other url path. Auto synced requests can be generated from node titles, taxonomy terms and other keyword sources. You can also manually create link requests for nodes, internal site paths or external urls.

LI generates links by matching terms and extracted concepts in node content with link requests. When a node is submitted, LI parses all links found in code. A desired target link count for both in-content and sidebar links can be set for all content, by content type or by node. If the number of links coded in content is less than the target count, LI will auto generate additional links.

Link requests are prioritized based on keyword importance, page importance, phrase word count and other factors to assure the most important pages and keywords generate more backlinks. LI’s auto generated links are soft coded, e.g. not hard coded into content. Auto generated links appear when content is displayed, e.g. in-content links are transformed on node view and sidebar links are displayed in a CCK field and/or a block view. This enables them to be easily changed as you add new content and site priorities evolve.

LI also provides a link suggestion tool for content authors to manually select links.


  • Works with both in-content keyword links and sidebar style link lists
  • Provides automated linking of in-content keywords and selection of related content sidebar links
  • Can limit inter node linkages by content type
  • Sortable lists of all content links
  • Tracks node backlinks
  • Link suggestion tool enables quick and easy user driven linking
  • Configurable scoring system enables prioritization by page, site keywords, page keywords, word count, etc.
  • Intelligent plug-and-play defaults for install and forget functionality
  • Highly configurable - global defaults with per content type and per node configurations
  • Automatic keyword stemming, via Porter Stemmer module, removes need to add multiple variants of keywords, e.g. brake, brakes, braking, braked

Requirements, recommendations & related

Required modules:

  • None

Recommended modules:

  • Porter Stemmer - enables matching of keyword stems, e.g. brakes matches brake, braking, braked, etc.
  • Keyword Research - enables enhanced control of keyword link prioritization
  • Alchemy - provides keyword extraction from node content for better related links matching and seeding of suggestions tool.
  • Drupal SEO Tools - integrated dashboard for SEO reporting, analytics and optimization

Related modules:

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