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The library module allows users to manage the availability of nodes as assets. You can create custom content types using CCK and then add those content types to the library.

The module supports multiple copies of a library item associated with one node, and each copy may be individually made available or unavailable.

The module allows administrators to define their own library actions. Library actions may make an item available, unavailable, or not change an item's status. Every transaction is associated with a Drupal user. If you use the trigger module (part of core) with the library module, each library action generates a trigger that you can assign further actions to. The module includes a few built-in actions (send an email, extend the due date of an item).

To get the full functionality of the module, you should have CCK installed and Triggers (part of core in Drupal 6) enabled. The module also integrates with views.

While I am happy to accept suggestions for improvement, I may not have time to implement feature requests. If other folks are interested in contributing though, they are more than welcome to submit patches!

Release - 8.x-1.x

The beta release is usable but might need some patches or manual workarounds, see the issue queue for more details.

Release - 7.x-1.x

This release represents the direct port to Drupal 7, upgrades from 6.x-2.x should be possible since the data structure is unchanged but this has not been verified with a large collection yet.

Views support for library items (quantity, barcode, status) is present and working in -dev and will be in alpha2/beta1.

Release - 6.x-2.x

The the 6.2 release eliminates the patron sub-module. This is a major change, and you should read the release notes if you are using an earlier version of this module. Patrons are now Drupal users.

Since I didn't think an update script should create large numbers of users automatically, you will only be able to upgrade if you are already associating patrons with Drupal users. The upgrade is not reversible, so make sure to make backups before upgrading.

Release - 6.x-1.x

You should not be using this release anymore, since it depends on the remove patron module.

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