Displays your Terms & Conditions to users who want to register, and requires that they accept the T&C before their registration is accepted.

If T&Cs are changed users with an existing account will be asked to accept the new version, and will not be able to log in until they have.

Terms & Conditions can be displayed as styled text, or in a scroll box.


Account Integration

T&Cs are included on user account edit forms.

T&Cs Page

Automatically creates a T&Cs page at /legal.


Each acceptance of the T&Cs is recorded. The information is displayed on the Legal administration pages (requires Views module).

Additional Checkboxes

Additional checkboxes can be added which must be accepted, e.g. [X ] I am over 18

Explanation Notes

Notes can be added to each version of the T&Cs explaining the changes that have been made, these are displayed to users who are asked to accept new versions of the T&Cs (if they accepted a previous version).


Each version of the T&Cs can now be translated into whatever languages the site is set up for.

Versions & Revisions


Creating a new version will ask all users to accept the new T&Cs, and keep a record of which version/language/revision was accepted and when it was accepted.


Every translation can have as many revisions as necessary, with each version + language having it's own revision audit.

When a revision is made only users that have previously accepted the T&Cs in that language, and new users, are asked to accept the new T&Cs. This is intended for improvements to the translation rather than changes to the actual terms and conditions being offered.


Integrates with Views, and ships with default Views for T&Cs history, and Users that have accepted - as they're Views you can customise to your requirements.


Tokens can be used in T&C text.


Integration with Rules.


Integration with Services via the Services Legal module.

Please Note

T&C text should only be entered by administrators or other highly trusted users. filter_xss_admin() is used to filter content for display, this is a very permissive XSS/HTML filter intended for admin-only use.


The Checkbox Validate module is required for Drupal 6.



If you've found this module particularly useful and want to say thank you, there's a wide range of stuff I'd welcome on my wish list (UK) (US).


Developed by Robert Castelo for Code Positive.

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