Stamen Watercolor map
Thunderforest Transport map
Esri Topo map
Bing Satellite tile

Want to freshen up your site with something a bit different? Leaflet More Maps adds over 20 attractive map styles to your site via Leaflet, the lightweight mobile-friendly library for interactive maps and markers. At the flick of a drop-down and without you having to download any map provider code, you can insert beautiful maps from a variety of providers such as Stamen (top), Thunderforest (2nd), Esri (3rd), Bing (bottom) as well as OpenWeatherMap and Yandex.Maps.

Or enjoy Google Maps without the Google Maps API ! This includes making the most of your high-res (Retina) displays. Read how the Lightness of Leaflet displays the brilliance of Google Maps in high-res.

Try this map demo, which is available through the included Leaflet Demo submodule for an instant showcase of all maps available on your system through Leaflet More Maps.


All available maps automatically show up in a drop-down list when:


Download and enable like any other Drupal module.
External libaries: none.
Configuration: none, unless you wish to assemble your own layers, which you easily can at .../admin/config/system/leaflet_more_maps.
Permissions: none.
Dependencies: as the name suggests, you do need to enable the Leaflet module. This includes enabling the Libraries API module and downloading the free Leaflet javascript library. After dropping that library in /sites/all/libraries and renaming it to leaflet, check the Reports >> Status Report page to see if there's any errors.

Adding more maps

If you know of maps that you feel would be great to include in the Leaflet More Maps set, please let us know!

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References and licensing terms

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o Bing Maps API terms of use.
o OpenStreetMap (OpenSeaMap, OpenWeatherMap) copyright
o Stamen maps, Creative Commons license
o Thunderforest terms of use
o Esri
o MapQuest terms of use
o Google terms of service
o Yandex terms of use

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