Leaflet integration with MapBox tile platform.

With this module you will be able to use your own MapBox map tiles in your map views through Leaflet module.


To make this module work the only requirement is the MapBox tile ID (i.e. If you do not have it already continue to the next section.

  1. Install and enable the module
  2. Go to the module configuration page: Configuration -> Web Services ->Leaflet MapBox configuration
  3. Fill the form and save
  4. Go to your Leaflet view and press Settings in the Format configuration
  5. Set the Map select form to the new map created
  6. Save the view

MapBox tile creation

  1. Create an account in MapBox
  2. Create a map following this guide
  3. Press Publish in the edit page of the map created
  4. The MapBox ID could be found in the tab mapbox.js




Development is sponsored by Web Partners.

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