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Linked Data Tools is a developer module for retrieving, caching and working with linked data sources, which simplifies linked data retrieval and parsing.

Linked Data Tools takes care of requesting and caching requests, handling parsing parameters and format, and other repetitive tasks, leaving you to get on with using the data.

It uses a pluggable architecture, allowing individual tools to be created or swapped for specific data sources or types, and comes with a default plugin for EasyRDF.


  • Simple PHP API for retrieving and working with linked data
  • Built-in request caching for remote sources
  • Robust, PSR-0 plugin architecture for defining new wrappers
  • Out-of-the-box support for EasyRDF
  • Uses Guzzle for seamless HTTP requests, if enabled



Example usage

Load a remote RDF resource, and retrieve all the available resources from that URL.

function ldt_example_get_bbc_rdfxml() {
  // Load a resource from the BBC containing RDF/XML.
  $resource = ldt_graph_uri('', 'rdfxml');

  // Retrieve a php array of resources, for example.
  $resource_data = $resource->getGraphData();

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