This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The LDAP Single Sign-On module provides an administrator with the ability to configure a Drupal site to use either NTLM or Kerberos to authenticate Drupal users.

In short, it relies on the $_SERVER web server variable to integrate a site within a managed domain. The net effect is that either automatically, or by visiting a link, a user is authenticated and logged into a Drupal site without requiring the user to manually enter credentials on suitably configured installations.

Note that this module is not an SSO provider usable over the public internet without additional middleware. Have a look at SimpleSAML and similar modules if you are looking for this.

Drupal 8

LDAP SSO is usable together with the matching release from LDAP, see the release notes for further information.

A stable release will be published once all stable blockers are resolved.

Drupal 7

Up until and including version 2.2 the ldap_sso module was part of the LDAP module and are now available again here for consistency.

Drupal 6

Original implementation work by @hotspoons. Version no longer supported.

Setup information

For more information on configuring Apache to provide NTLM / LDAP authentication, see the (also provided under external documentation).

This module requires that the LDAP suite of modules be installed and fully configured for proper operation.

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