Keyboard Shortcuts Block

The Keyboard Shortcut Utility module enables you to create keyboard shortcuts on your website. You can create a shortcut to go to a page (internal or external) or call a JavaScript function.


  • Lets you easily create new keyboard shortcuts and associate them to url's or javascript functions
  • Provides a block with the information of all the shortcuts available


  • Restrict shortcuts by pages or any other rule
  • Add core actions, like create node, save node, cancel and go back to destination, etc.

7.x-2.x version

  • Keyboard shortcuts are now exportable objects and not nodes.
  • The actual key binding functionality is handled using the Mousetrap JavaScript library.
  • Shortcut actions are implemented as plugins. The module comes with two actions: "Go to URL" and "JavaScript callback".

Please understand that the 7.x-2.x branch should NOT be used on a production site. Also, while this branch is in alpha, there will be no database upgrade support.

7.x-2.x installation

  • Download the Mousetrap library and extract it in the libraries directory. Once extracted the path to mousetrap.js should be sites/all/libraries/mousetrap/mousetrap.js
  • Download and install Keyboard Shortcut Utility, Ctools and Libraries API.
  • To create a key binding, go to Configuration and click on "Keyboard shortcuts".

Try out 7.x-2.0-alpha1 on


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