This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module uses custom jquery + css + html to replace a standard drupal single dropdown with css-driven dropdown that has much more flexibility with styling than the default browser select element.

The intent behind this module is to give developer's a "configure-less" way to instantly transform any dropdown to a jquery dropdown by adding the class "jquery_dropdown." Jquery looks at the drupal-generated html to find the key/value pairs, select name, etc and build's an unordered html list that can be styled. Behind the scenes it hides the original select but modifies the value based on the item selected in our newly generated unordered html list. So without any hacking we have a CSS replacement while keeping the original code in tact. Also this makes the solution degrade gracefull because the dropdown will still work with javascript disabled.

Also included in this module is a sub module called "Jquery dropdown jump." All you do is add the class "jquery_dropdown_jump" and it clicks the submit button for you when an item is selected from our CSS dropdown. Also to hide any submit button all you do is give it a class of "jquery_dropdown." Sound fun? Great!

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