This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The Job Posting module adds a new node content type ('job posting') intended to facilitate the advertisement of available employment opportunities at a particular hosted site or on behalf of client organizations (i.e. in the case of recruiting companies).

NOTICE REGARDING D7-COMPATIBILITY: There are no plans to port Job Posting to D7 though it will continue to be maintained until D6 EOL. For a brief explanation and feedback see #690766: Web and Mobile Developers

It is intended to be lightweight, with no additional module dependencies beyond Drupal core, and includes both a display block listing the most recently added job postings as well as a paginated job postings list page. An optional 'deadline' field controls how long and whether a particular posting is displayed via the block and listing pages as well as whether applications are still being accepted. It is stored in GMT and displayed on job postings as a 'countdown' timer (i.e. n weeks n days n hours n minutes) rather than a fixed date/time so it's more-or-less independent of a particular visitor's timezone. Posting creators can also choose to make a particular node 'permanent' rather than associated with a particular deadline. Additional optional fields include 'location', 'employer', 'website url' and 'contact person'.

This module also includes basic job application processing via a link on each node page. Registered users can click on this link and are taken to an application form that allows them to provide both an introductory covering letter as well as upload and attach a resume file (in plain text, Word Document or PDF) from their local machine. Submissions are sent via email to the address provided when the job posting is created/edited. Applicants are sent a short confirmation message acknowledging their submission.

Known Issues

Due to changes between PHP 4 and PHP 5 the job application processing feature may NOT function properly using PHP 4. It is strongly recommended that you use only PHP 5 or greater to fully utilize this module. See for a discussion regarding this issue.

There have been occasional reports indicating potential incompatibilities between Job_Posting and Job_Search modules. Job_Posting is intended as an alternative to Job_Search, not a complement to it. For best results choose one or the other (but not both).

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