This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Jabber Screenshot

Development is being sponsored by Babson College.

This module integrates your Drupal installation with any XMPP (Jabber) account. User's email addresses are associated with their xmpp (jabber) jids (their chat handles). The module creates a roster from your current jabber roster for the account you login with and also constructs a roster based on organic group membership for the groups you are a part of.

The module is using the PHP_SPEAKS_XMPP basic library I've developed to have PHP speak BOSH and XMPP ( And as well it takes advantage of the Strophe javascript library.

We are currently integrating this module with Google's GTalk which is an XMPP compatible service, but Jabber can work without a problem with any XMPP service -- including Facebook, AIM, etc.

This module has been tested with a Punjab Bosh connection manager (

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